How To Watch
People want to know how to get RETRO,TUFF, CORNER STORE and SONLIFE. Well, here’s how:

We cover the greater Detroit Metro area. Click here to see map.

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Aim your antenna towards Oak Park. Our broadcast antenna is located at Meyers Road and 8 Mile Road. Go to for more details. WHNE is on the same broadcast tower as WWJ [CBS] and WTVS [PBS].

2. Rescan your television and/or converter box. Our channels are:

14.1 LightTV
14.2 Get TV
14.3 Bob Channel
14.4 HSN 2
14.5 SonLife TV
14.6 Classic Cinema Network
14.7 Retro TV
14.8 Jewl TV
14.9 NewsNet
14.10 Elliott TV
14.11 Coming Soon
14.12 Heartland

3. Upgrade your outdoor antenna. Antennas degrade over the years and it may need repairs.

Click here for more detailed help troubleshooting antenna reception.

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