How To Watch
People want to know how to get RETRO,TUFF, CORNER STORE and SONLIFE. Well, here’s how:

We cover the greater Detroit Metro area. Click here to see map.

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Aim your antenna towards Oak Park. Our broadcast antenna is located at Meyers Road and 8 Mile Road. Go to for more details. WHNE is on the same broadcast tower as WWJ [CBS] and WTVS [PBS].

2. Rescan your television and/or converter box. Our channels are:

14.1 LightTV
14.2 RETRO
14.3 CornerStoreTV
14.4 HSN 2
14.7 TUFF TV

3. Upgrade your outdoor antenna. Antennas degrade over the years and it may need repairs.

Click here for more detailed help troubleshooting antenna reception.

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